• Aesthetix Atlas Eclipse Power Amplifier

    Aesthetix Atlas Eclipse Power Amplifier

    Aesthetix has developed an enviable reputation as a manufacturer of elite components at down-to-earth prices. The company’s earliest products, the all-tube Io phonostage and Callisto linestage, have long set the stage for what is possible ...
  • Magnepan Doubles Down

    Magnepan Doubles Down

    No sooner has Magnepan’s Wendell Diller finished with his nationwide demonstration tour of the company’s new 30.7s, when he and his wife Galina are planning yet another tour to show off an even-newer Magnepan loudspeaker ...
  • REL Acoustics 212/SE Sub-Bass System

    REL Acoustics 212/SE Sub-Bass System

    In some ways I’m an unlikely choice to write a subwoofer review. (REL calls them “sub-bass systems,” which is technically accurate, but for now I’ll use the more common term “subwoofer.”) I have always had ...
  • 2018 Munich High-End Show

    2018 Munich High-End Show

    As a newcomer to the Munich High-End extravaganza, I was blown away by the unbelievable amount of high-end audio jewelry on display. Not only does Munich dwarf whatever is going on at CES, it dwarfs ...
  • Zesto Eros 300 Monoblock Amplifier

    Zesto Eros 300 Monoblock Amplifier

    The new Eros monoblock amplifier is the most ambitious offering yet from Zesto Audio, a relatively new company on the audio scene. All its products are designed by music-fanatic-engineer George Counnas and built by hand ...
  • Audio Research Reference 250 SE Amplifier

    Audio Research Reference 250 SE Amplifier

    A new Reference tube amplifier from venerable manufacturer Audio Research is always a big deal. Incorporating significant upgrades from its Reference 250 predecessor, the Reference 250 SE mono amplifier features Tung-Sol’s latest high-current output tube, ...
  • Magnepan 20.7 Loudspeaker

    Magnepan 20.7 Loudspeaker

    Audio reviews today are rife with proclamations that a product sets new standards, is the best the reviewer has ever heard, perhaps the best in the world, and the like. Because so many products are ...
  • Magnepan MG 20.1 Loudspeaker

    Magnepan MG 20.1 Loudspeaker

    You’re probably asking yourself, “What can this guy tell me about Magnepan speakers that I don’t already know?” After all, this magazine has reviewed various Maggie loudspeakers over the years—raves all— and the 20.1 is ...

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