• Sonner Audio Legato Unum

    Sonner Audio Legato Unum

    Sonner Audio is a relative newcomer to the high-end scene. Nonetheless, the Boston-based loudspeaker company has turned out to be a fast learner, a fact that I discovered during my evaluation of its mid-priced offering, ...
  • REL Acoustics S/812 Sub-Bass System

    REL Acoustics S/812 Sub-Bass System

    The pursuit of the bottom octave in sound reproduction looms as a sort of final frontier for many enthusiasts. It’s a task that’s generally accomplished in one of two ways—by purchasing a completely new set ...
  • PSB Alpha P5 Loudspeaker

    PSB Alpha P5 Loudspeaker

    The PSB Alpha P5 is the junior sibling of the Canadian firm’s Alpha T20 floorstander, which I favorably reviewed and thoroughly enjoyed in Issue 302. It’s a two-way design, in a bass-reflex configuration, and like ...
  • Q&A with John Quick of dCS

    Q&A with John Quick of dCS

    Did your interest in the high end come from the music side or the electronics side? Actually, a little bit of both. Music was constantly playing at home when I was young, and since then ...
  • Focal Chora 806 Loudspeaker

    Focal Chora 806 Loudspeaker

    Chora is the successor to Focal’s lauded Chorus line that included models like the Chorus 705, which garnered more than its share of praise and was repeatedly selected for TAS’ Editors’ Choice award. But time ...
  • Analysis Plus Silver Apex Speaker Cable

    Analysis Plus Silver Apex Speaker Cable

    Silver Apex speaker cable from Analysis Plus represents the Michigan-based firm’s most advanced implementation of its unique conductor geometry. Honed and refined over the years, AP-designed conductors aren’t flat, round, or rectangular. Nor are they ...
  • Elac Carina BS243.4 Loudspeaker

    Elac Carina BS243.4 Loudspeaker

    The Elac Carina series of loudspeakers nestles in the sweet spot between the affordably priced Debut and UniFi loudspeakers and Elac’s mid-priced Adante line. As of this writing, Elac offers three models in the Carina ...

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