• Three SACD/CD Players

    Three SACD/CD Players

    Google “SACD + Dead” and you’ll get quite a few hits. Some reference high-resolution recordings—several versions of Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Isle of the Dead, or albums from Dead Can Dance, or some San Francisco band that ...
  • Focal Spectral 40th Loudspeaker

    Focal Spectral 40th Loudspeaker

    It’s complicated, but the loudspeaker company we know as Focal turned forty this year. In the late 1970s, Jacques Mahul was working for Audax, Europe’s largest driver manufacturer, when he decided to strike out on ...
  • The Warsaw Audio Video Show

    The Warsaw Audio Video Show

    The opportunity to cover Warsaw’s Audio Video Show 2019 was pitched to me this way, by both the editor-in-chief of this magazine and the event’s organizers: “It’s the second biggest audio show in Europe!” Sort ...
  • 2019 Golden Ear Awards: Andrew Quint

    2019 Golden Ear Awards: Andrew Quint

    T+A Elektroakustik DAC 8 DSD Digital-to-Analog Converter $4450 Many digital audio experts maintain that it’s just not possible to optimize decoding of both PCM and DSD data streams with a one-lane architecture, even though there ...
  • Jeremy Denk: c.1300-c.2000

    Jeremy Denk: c.1300-c.2000

    c.1300–c.2000. Denk (24/96) SuperHiRez.com I’m not big on saving printed programs from concerts—I’ve got too much stuff I’ll never look at again as it is—but made an exception in January of 2017 when I heard ...
  • The Audiophile Ecosystem

    The Audiophile Ecosystem

    To a non-audiophile, the passion for good sound can seem like a remarkably solitary endeavor. That civilian walks past our listening room and glances knowingly at the single chair facing the loudspeakers. Even if we’ve ...
  • Micromega M-150 Integrated Amplifier

    Micromega M-150 Integrated Amplifier

    Not long ago, when I definitely should have been doing something else—like working on my review of Micromega’s M-150 integrated amplifier—I was watching old commercials on YouTube. Onto the screen came a dimly familiar 30-second ...
  • Early Digital Recordings Didn’t All Suck

    Early Digital Recordings Didn’t All Suck

    Utter the words “early digital” and most audiophiles, even younger ones, will know exactly what you’re talking about. The term references sound lacking body and warmth, the fatiguing deficiency of dimensionality and tonal complexity that ...
  • David Chesky’s La Farranucci

    David Chesky’s La Farranucci

    David Chesky’s comic opera, La Farranucci, was performed on March 15th and 16th at the Brooklyn Music School Playhouse and I had the good fortune to be there. Actually, all of us in the auditorium ...

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