• Kharma Exquisite-Midi Loudspeaker

    Kharma Exquisite-Midi Loudspeaker

    Kharma Exquisite-Midi speakers? Let’s chat, shall we? Pour yourself a glass of Jenever, Advocaat, or a koffie verkeerd, and grab a handful of Klene Zoete Koopvaarders. We’re diving deep into delectable Dutch treats! This was ...
  • 2020 Golden Ear Awards: Matt Clott

    2020 Golden Ear Awards: Matt Clott

    IsoAcoustics Orea and Gaia Series Isolation Footers $79/$199 I spent an enormous amount of time determining which isolation racks, shelves, and footers work best for which components, trying almost everything from the sublimely cheap to ...
  • Magico A5 Loudspeaker Preview

    Magico A5 Loudspeaker Preview

    I recently had the opportunity to hear the new Magico A5 at high-end retailer Rhapsody in NYC. I’d been reading about some of the new tech incorporated in Magico’s A Series flagship, and was curious ...
  • Clarus Concerto AC Power Conditioner

    Clarus Concerto AC Power Conditioner

    As a reviewer I have the opportunity to audition world-class equipment and accessories, as well as real-world gear. The world-class, skies-the-limit stuff is always a treat. Who wouldn’t enjoy an extended Ferrari test drive, or ...
  • Rhapsody At Rhapsody!

    Rhapsody At Rhapsody!

    I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Bob Visintainer of Rhapsody Audio in NYC several weeks ago. Going to a NY City audio store is not like checking out your average brick-and-mortar stereo retailer. Many ...
  • Munich in New Jersey

    Munich in New Jersey

    I’ve always wanted to go to the Munich High-End show. But with the world on lockdown and the Munich show outright cancelled, I accepted an invitation from Bill Parish of GTT Audio to attend his ...

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