• AXPONA 2013 - Part 2

    AXPONA 2013 - Part 2

    Apropos of nothing in particular, let’s change things up a bit: what do you know about analog tape? The answer in my case is a solid “not much” – but I’m learning. Why? Well, mainly ...
  • AXPONA Chicago 2013

    AXPONA Chicago 2013

    Not since 1994, when the Summer CES stopped camping out yearly along Michigan Avenue and Lake Shore Drive, has the Windy City played annual host to a large high-end audio show. That situation will certainly ...
  • AXPONA 2013 - Part 1

    AXPONA 2013 - Part 1

    Chicago … in March. Really. Is it just me? Turns out, as my completely scientific survey of 5 randomly overheard conversations in a hotel elevator confirms, that there was quite a lot of head-scratching going ...
  • CES 2013: Cables and Power Products

    CES 2013: Cables and Power Products

    Las Vegas was awash in new high-performance audio cables and power products—from exotic new interconnects and loudspeaker cables to some surprisingly affordable power conditioners and USB and Ethernet cables. These essential components lifted the performance ...
  • CES 2013 Show Report: Tube Gear

    CES 2013 Show Report: Tube Gear

    I was saddened to learn prior to the CES that David Manley, the progenitor of both VTL and Manley Labs, had passed away in late December after a long illness. A memorial gathering of friends ...
  • Rocky Mountain Show Report

    Rocky Mountain Show Report

    Another year, another Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, and another wave of new digital audio gear. To experience all the new products required more walking and talking, and less listening, than I would have liked. I ...

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