• Berkeley Audio Design Alpha USB Interface

    Berkeley Audio Design Alpha USB Interface

    The high-end audio industry has a remarkable track record of making fundamentally limited technologies sound good. Most of these technologies were created for mass-market consumption where low price is the overriding design mandate. But because ...
  • Swiss Jewel

    Swiss Jewel

    Photography by Jonathan Valin After this year’s Munich show Jonathan Valin and I made the short trip to Zurich to visit Swiss loudspeaker manufacturer Piega, and listen to its ambitious new $195k Master Line Source ...
  • From The Editor: It's All Good

    From The Editor: It's All Good

    For some audio hobbyists, there’s only one true path to audio nirvana. That path is often exceedingly narrow—loudspeakers with first-order crossovers, or single-ended triode amplifiers, or DACs without an oversampling filter, for examples. These proponents ...
  • From The Editor: The Tipping Point

    From The Editor: The Tipping Point

    High-resolution digital audio is rapidly approaching a tipping point. No longer a niche format for audiophiles, high-res is poised to become a mainstream alternative to MP3 and CD-quality audio. As I noted in my editorial ...
  • The 2014 Munich High-End Show

    The 2014 Munich High-End Show

    If there was any doubt that Munich is world’s most important audio event, the 2014 show held May 16-19 will put any uncertainty to rest. The MOC convention center was packed with 493 exhibitors (up ...
  • Aesthetix Romulus CD Player/DAC

    Aesthetix Romulus CD Player/DAC

    California-based Aesthetix has carved out an enviable niche producing very-high-performance products that, while not budget-priced, nonetheless offer extraordinary value. The company’s Calypso linestage, Rhea phonostage, Janus full-function preamplifier, and Atlas power amplifiers pack a lot ...
  • The 2013 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

    The 2013 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

    I gave myself the assignment of searching for the best-sounding affordable loudspeakers at this year’s show. Sure, it’s fun to listen to the megabuck systems, but there’s something rewarding about discovering great-sounding speakers that nearly ...
  • Cable and Interconnect Construction

    Cable and Interconnect Construction

    Cables and interconnects are composed of three main elements: the signal conductors, the dielectric, and the terminations. The conductors carry the audio signal; the dielectric is an insulating material between and around the conductors; and ...
  • Cable Designer Roundtable

    Cable Designer Roundtable

    The Pioneering Founders of The Cable Industry Discuss the History, Art, and Science of High-End Audio Cables. It’s easy to forget that just 35 years ago cables were an afterthought in the pursuit of great ...

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