• 2015 Newport Audio Show Report

    2015 Newport Audio Show Report

    Are there now too many audio shows? I ask because, coming hard on the heels of the Munich Show, this year’s Newport event seemed to get something of the short shrift. Several manufacturers did not ...
  • The Music of Sam Peckinpah's Films

    The Music of Sam Peckinpah's Films

    After seeing Sam Peckinpah’s Ride the High Country, Jean Renoir said, “Mr. Peckinpah knows much about the music of the soul.” But Peckinpah also knew much about music itself. Famous for his action sequences and ...
  • 2014 Golden Ear Awards: Paul Seydor

    2014 Golden Ear Awards: Paul Seydor

    REL R-528SE Sub-Bass System$2799 REL’s R-528SE offers truly breathtaking bass reach, low distortion, and high resolution in a compact package that is standard setting at its price and several multiples beyond. In truth, it’s doubtful ...
  • T.H.E. Show, Newport - Analog

    T.H.E. Show, Newport - Analog

    T.H.E. Show at Newport in Southern California is a far more relaxed and convivial affair than the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Not least of its attractions is that it remains for the most ...
  • Barber: Choral Pieces

    Barber: Choral Pieces

    In these ten beautifully performed and recorded choral pieces, most of them about love and loss, the chamber choir Conspirare rejoices in Samuel Barber’s ardent but modern romanticism. Though Barber’s idiom, firmly tonal and melodic, ...
  • REL Serie R-528SE Sub-Bass System

    REL Serie R-528SE Sub-Bass System

    “Paul, you need a kick-ass speaker,” an audiophile friend of mine told me a while ago. This fellow isn’t a headbanger, rather a serious listener and a producer of many recordings of classical music distinguished ...
  • Palmer 2.5 Turntable

    Palmer 2.5 Turntable

    There’s much to be said for a product that precisely defines its purpose and then proceeds to fulfill it to near perfection. The British designer Jon Palmer set out to make a high-end turntable that ...
  • Plinius Koru Phonostage

    Plinius Koru Phonostage

    Nothing like beginning with a confession: It’s getting to be that one of the hardest categories of components to review is solid-state electronics in the moderately expensive category. To begin with, most of them are ...

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