• Audiophile Movie

    Audiophile Movie

    April 12 - All the joy, passion, and foibles of high-end audio are brilliantly documented in a 20-minute film created by Ken Barns. The Audiophile Club of Athens features interviews with high-end enthusiasts showing their ...
  • Discovering a great bargain

    Discovering a great bargain

    July 2 - The most rewarding aspect of reviewing great hi-fi is discovering products that are stunning great at a reasonable price. It's rare for a product to stand out as being clearly superior to ...
  • Upcoming in The Absolute Sound

    Upcoming in The Absolute Sound

    July 5 - Our special feature on the state of digital audio (Issue 174) includes a retrospective in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Compact Disc's US launch. My editorial in that issue laments ...
  • New Op-Amps Promise High-End Sound

    New Op-Amps Promise High-End Sound

    August 16 - A new generation of operational amplifiers (op-amps) and power-amplifier drivers from National Semiconductor might result in a wholesale improvement in sound quality across a wide range of audio products. Op-amps are everywhere: ...
  • How to Choose the Best Loudspeaker

    How to Choose the Best Loudspeaker

    (Excepted and adapted from Introductory Guide to High-Performance Audio Systems by Robert Harley © 2007 by Robert Harley. To order, call 800 888-4741 or visit hifibooks.com.) August 21 - Your first decision in choosing loudspeakers ...
  • Older Ears?

    Older Ears?

    I receiver a reader letter just yesterday asking whether reviewers' judgments can be trusted as they get older. I'll cite two examples of individuals in their 70s who are doing their best work—work that relies ...

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