• ARC + Maggie 1.7 = Bliss

    ARC + Maggie 1.7 = Bliss

    I guess it shouldn't have come as a surprise, but I'd gotten so used to listening to superb solid-state amps and preamps from the likes of Soulution, BAlabo, and Technical Brain that I kinda forgot ...
  • Magneplanar 1.7: First Listen

    Magneplanar 1.7: First Listen

    The Magneplanar 1.7—the first new loudspeaker from Magnepan in better than a decade—was the most eagerly anticipated introduction at this year’s CES. Happily, its debut turned out to be a smashing success. Even more happily, ...
  • XRCD Redux: Elusive Disc to the Rescue!

    XRCD Redux: Elusive Disc to the Rescue!

    News doesn't get much better than this! Elusive Disc, Inc recently announced its appointment as the exclusive distributor of the JVC XRCD product line for North America. They assumed operations in November of 2006. With ...
  • First Look: Dali Mentor Menuet

    First Look: Dali Mentor Menuet

    This little sweetheart measures a mere 10 inches and nearly the same deep but it’s another beauty from a company that takes the prosaic wood enclosure and with a couple curves and bevels and flourishes ...
  • Canon EOS 7D

    Canon EOS 7D

    Although I’ve been singing the praises of the Mamiya 7 II rangefinder film camera and Mamiya 7 II lenses to friends and colleagues alike, let’s face it: There are occasions when the sheer convenience of ...

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