• The Beatles in Mono

    The Beatles in Mono

    The Beatles in Mono, the 14-LP box set of the band’s UK albums, was released on September 9 and completes a journey begun in 2009, the year that the fully remastered Beatles catalog was offered ...
  • Stillpoints Is On a Roll

    Stillpoints Is On a Roll

    Stillpoints’ Bruce Jacobs dropped by this Wednesday to inspect my audio system, which is using a passel of the company’s resonance control devices. I’ve also installed several of its new Aperture acoustic panels. Overall, I’ve ...
  • Backing Up Your Music Files

    Backing Up Your Music Files

    If you’re a computer-audio enthusiast, no matter how expensive your equipment may be, your largest investment will be your collection of music files. Downloads cost money, and the higher their resolution, the more money they ...
  • A Visit to The Sound Organisation

    A Visit to The Sound Organisation

    The Sound Organisation (TSO), distributors of DALI loudspeakers, Rega turntables and electronics, PMC loudspeakers, Chord cables, and various and sundry high-end accessories hosted a gathering of audio journalists at its Dallas headquarters in September. The ...
  • Sunday Morning Hi Fi #12

    Sunday Morning Hi Fi #12

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, and that you had some time to show off your stereos to your family members. My family is always blown away when they hear their favorite songs with proper ...
  • Sunday Morning Hi Fi #11

    Sunday Morning Hi Fi #11

    Good morning, and happy Sunday Morning Hi Fi. Today we are going to talk about proper speaker placement and setup—arguably the most important step to achieving great soundstaging, imaging, and overall sonic accuracy. With a ...
  • Sunday Morning Hi Fi #10

    Sunday Morning Hi Fi #10

    It’s a rainy Sunday morning here in Texas, which is the perfect weather to make some coffee, breakfast, and do some listening on “the hi fi,” as my father always calls it. Depending on my ...
  • HP Wall of Remembrance

    HP Wall of Remembrance

    Harry Pearson, founder of The Absolute Sound, passed away on November 4th. Perhaps like many of you, HP was my first hero in this hobby. His writing in TAS was largely responsible for opening up ...
  • Sunday Morning Hi Fi #9

    Sunday Morning Hi Fi #9

    Welcome to Sunday Morning Hi Fi #9! I want to hear from you, and start a conversation about high-end audio. Share your thoughts, whether positive or constructive criticism, and I will listen. But of course, ...
  • Recollections of Harry Pearson

    Recollections of Harry Pearson

    I met Harry Pearson in Los Angeles in 1973. We were introduced by a mutual friend, also from Sea Cliff, who was a working musician performing in Leonard Bernstein’s Mass, at the Music Center’s Mark ...

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