• Joan Osborne Has a Job to Do

    Joan Osborne Has a Job to Do

    Like many an impassioned singer/songwriter before her, Joan Osborne loves to confront injustice head-on with her music. To that end, all ten songs on Trouble and Strife (Womanly Hips/Thirty Tigers), her tenth studio album, tackle ...
  • Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji

    Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji

    On a freezing day in November, 2014, a dozen hardy souls ventured to a small hall in downtown Chicago and buckled themselves in to hear the Herculean pianist Jonathan Powell perform the eight-hour-long Sequentia Cyclica ...
  • Giant Step Arts

    Giant Step Arts

    As a longtime professional photographer who has documented 550 recording sessions and shot over 200 magazine covers, Jimmy Katz spent countless hours in recording studios over the past 30 years, hobnobbing with top engineers while ...
  • Ennio Morricone, 1928–2020

    Ennio Morricone, 1928–2020

    Ennio Morricone recently passed away at the age of 91. Having worked until very near the end of his life, Morricone will be remembered primarily for his legendary career in film soundtracks and his pervasive ...
  • Marillion's Magically Replaced Childhood

    Marillion's Magically Replaced Childhood

    Follow the muse. It’s a musician’s mantra that’s easy to say, but often hard to do. Some bands continue kowtowing to corporate strategies that override their better creative impulses, while others—like veteran British progressive giants ...
  • The Band: 50th Anniversary Edition

    The Band: 50th Anniversary Edition

    What makes an album timeless? I’d argue it’s the ability of the music to constantly reveal more subtleties, delights, surprises, and emotional shadings. Even as the years and decades go by, a timeless album will ...
  • Magico A5 Loudspeaker Preview

    Magico A5 Loudspeaker Preview

    I recently had the opportunity to hear the new Magico A5 at high-end retailer Rhapsody in NYC. I’d been reading about some of the new tech incorporated in Magico’s A Series flagship, and was curious ...
  • Lost Voices of Hagia Sophia

    Lost Voices of Hagia Sophia

    For many critical listeners, and not just readers of this magazine, the absolute sound—the sound of live, unamplified music in a real space—is a touchstone of the audiophile pursuit. Jazz recorded at a repurposed pawnshop ...
  • Loudspeaker Types and How They Work

    Loudspeaker Types and How They Work

    Excerpted and adapted from The Complete Guide to High-End Audio, fifth edition. Copyright © 1994–2020 by Robert Harley. To order call (800) 841-4741. hifibooks.com Many mechanisms for making air move in response to an electrical ...

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