• Jason Robinson: Tiresian Symmetry

    Jason Robinson: Tiresian Symmetry

    Something has happened in the world of jazz while the rest of the world wasn’t looking, and the music Jason Robinson presents on this, his seventh album, typifies the way contemporary musicians have blurred the ...
  • Hiromi: Move

    Hiromi: Move

    Since emigrating from Japan in 1999, pianist Hiromi Uehara has explored everything from acoustic piano trio to high-powered fusion to intimate solo and duet projects, each highlighting her abundant chops and good taste. Lately she’s ...
  • Tin Hat: Foreign Legion

    Tin Hat: Foreign Legion

    A work-in-progress since releasing the first of its five studio albums in 1999, Tin Hat blends tango, Eastern European, country-and-western, and other musical idioms into a readily identifiable ensemble sound. When Rob Burger (accordion, keyboards) ...
  • Stanton Moore: Groove Alchemy

    Stanton Moore: Groove Alchemy

    New Orleans drummer and bandleader Stanton Moore leads a red-hot soul-jazz organ trio with keyboardist Robert Walter and guitarist Will Bernard. The music is cut from the same cloth as Medeski, Martin & Wood, and ...
  • Ralph Towner and Paolo Fresu: Chiaroscuro

    Ralph Towner and Paolo Fresu: Chiaroscuro

    This exquisite duo recording pairs one of ECM Records’ veterans with one of its rising stars. Sixty-nine-year-old American guitarist Towner made his ECM debut in 1972 after co-founding the pioneering world-fusion band Oregon. Forty-eight- year-old ...
  • Jakob Bro: Balladeering

    Jakob Bro: Balladeering

    The atmospheric and darkly beautiful playing of Danish guitarist Jakob Bro in the Paul Motian Band and in Polish trumpeter Tomaz Stanko’s current quartet has brought him to the attention of adventurous jazz fans and ...
  • Roswell Rudd: Trombone Tribe

    Roswell Rudd: Trombone Tribe

    Roswell Rudd’s recording debut in 1955 was with a Dixieland band, and he made his name adapting the old “tailgate” trombone approach to free jazz in the ensuing decade, while working with such icons as ...
  • Diana Krall: Live In Paris

    Diana Krall: Live In Paris

    For well over a decade, Diana Krall, the leggy, blonde, telegenic singer/pianist, has effectively deployed her engaging pop-sweetened-jazz style and consistently hit the crossover sweet spot. And like Dusty Springfield decades before, Krall achieved audiophile ...
  • Elina Duni Quartet: Matanë Malit

    Elina Duni Quartet: Matanë Malit

    When producer Manfred Eicher ventures into ethnic vocal music, in this case traditional and contemporary Albanian folk tunes sung by 31-year-old expatriate Duni, you can count on a recording with his label’s iconic cool and ...
  • Bill Laswell: Means of Deliverance

    Bill Laswell: Means of Deliverance

    Brooding and darkly beautiful, deeply resonant and revealing, Bill Laswell’s solo bass meditations on the fretless acoustic bass guitar are as powerful, yet more intimate, than anything in his large discography. While Laswell fans are ...
  • Mose Allison: The Way of the World

    Mose Allison: The Way of the World

    A wily scribe once dubbed Mose “the William Faulkner of jazz,” an allusion to his Deep South literary roots. But though Allison’s a proud son of Mississippi, the comparison isn’t quite accurate. Mose himself feels ...
  • Frank Sinatra: New York

    Frank Sinatra: New York

    Frank Sinatra: New York collects previously unreleased live performances in historic NYC locations; the DVD, for example, features an entire Carnegie Hall concert. During the 45-year time span that these recordings encompass Sinatra remained a ...

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