3beez to Introduce Wax Box 4 Special Edition at RMAF

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3beez to Introduce Wax Box 4 Special Edition at RMAF

The following is a press release issued by 3beez.

September 23, 2016 - 3beez, a company known for its innovative use of computer technology for home audio, will be introducing their new flagship product, the Wax Box 4 Special Edition Music Management System, at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, Colorado on 7-9 October 2016.

The Wax Box 4 SE system has the latest version of their patented Wax music management software and an innovative new digital interface board. The integrated hardware and software deliver audiophile sound quality and an elegant user interface for a great user experience.

New hardware improves sound quality.
The company’s new BitScrubberTM Digital Interface Board prevents electrical noise in the Wax Box from reaching an external DAC over the interconnect. According to 3beez president Dr. Jeffrey Barish, “While most DACs have protections at their digital inputs for electrical noise in the digital sound source, many DACs implement them poorly. If this noise is allowed to reach sensitive analog circuitry in the DAC, it will degrade sound quality.”

The BitScrubber Board optimizes the S/PDIF signal transmitted to an external DAC in four ways:

(1) it eliminates common-mode noise; (2) it isolates ground (galvanic isolation); (3) it conveys a signal with appropriate amplitude and edge sharpness so that the signal will survive degradation even in a very long cable; and (4) it matches its output impedance to the cable impedance required by the standards to eliminate transmission line effects.

The Wax Box 4 SE system comes with an external linear power supply which separately powers the computer circuitry and the BitScrubber board.

“The BitScrubber board improves the sound quality of the Wax Box 4 SE with most external DACs.” said Barish. He added that 3beez would have laboratory measurements at RMAF demonstrating the dramatic reduction in common-mode noise achieved by the BitScrubber Board.

Barish concluded, “The most important analytical tool is your ears, so I invite RMAF attendees to bring their favorite test tracks to judge the sound quality themselves.”

New features of the Wax software.
3beez will also be demonstrating the latest version of their Wax software at RMAF. Wax retains the ease of use, intuitive operation, and elegant user interface of previous generations, but adds many new capabilities of interest to serious music collectors. Wax is still the only product with High-Resolution MetadataTM, which allows users to add as much metadata as they want to the catalog entry for every recording, and Flexible Metadata, which allows users to specify metadata keys best suited to each genre.

New features at RMAF include:

  • Automatic completion. Enter metadata more easily, assure consistent spelling, and simplify entry of characters with diacritics.
  • Boolean search.  Find recordings using complex searches without complex coding.
  • Multiple documents. Store liner notes and other documents for each recording.
  • Multiple images. Store images for the front and back covers and anything else.
  • Output metadata to a spreadsheet. Transfer all metadata to a spreadsheet for discographic exploration or for future-proofing.

New case.

Finally, the Wax Box 4 SE system has a new case which is stylish and solid. It contains multiple hard-disk drives for 2 TB of sound storage (sufficient for at least 5200 CDs in FLAC) and 2 TB of backup. Integral heat sinks complement the seven internal heat pipes used for silent, fanless cooling. The system is absolutely silent during play thanks to an SSD for caching music during playback.

About 3beez, LLC
3beez, LLC, (www.3beez.com) headquartered in Lafayette, Colorado develops innovative audio products for music lovers. The founder and president is Jeffrey Barish, a PhD engineer and entrepreneur responsible for several successful startups. Most recently, he was founder and president of EuPhonics, a software development company that licensed software for audio and music applications of computers to manufacturers in the semiconductor and computer industries.

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