3Beez Announces The Wax Box 4 Special Edition Music Management System

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3Beez Announces The Wax Box 4 Special Edition Music Management System

The following is a press release issued by 3Beez.

Lafayette, Colorado| June 20, 2016 - 3beez, LLC (www.3beez.com), a company known for its innovative use of computer technology for home audio, announced the Wax Box 4 Special Edition system, a new version of its Wax Music Management System for storing, cataloging, and playing music which won a 2016 Editors' Choice Award from The Absolute Sound. The Special Edition includes the new 3beez BitScrubber™ digital interface board. The BitScrubber board improves sound quality with most DACs thanks to its optimized digital outputs. The new system is powered by an external linear power supply.

Both versions of the Wax Box 4 system provide storage capacity of 2 TB (sufficient for over 5200 CDs encoded in FLAC).

All 3beez products come with the custom Wax software for ripping, cataloging, and playing a collection of digital music.

The BitScrubber board improves sound quality
“Most audiophiles were satisfied with the sound of their DACs when used in conjunction with our previous models”, said 3beez president, Jeffrey Barish, “but we found that optimizing our digital outputs improved the sound quality noticeably with most DACs.” The output signals are optimized for low jitter, low noise, galvanic isolation, signal amplitude, and impedance. The BitScrubber board provides outputs for AES-3id (BNC) and S/PDIF (RCA), supplementing the outputs for USB, TOSLINK, and analog. An external linear power supply separately powers the computer circuitry and the BitScrubber board.

The new Wax Box system is still completely silent, with heat pipes for passive, fanless cooling and a cache for sound files in a solid-state drive. The hard disk drive for sound spins only long enough to transfer the sound files to the cache.

A simple, complete solution
“All Wax Box systems are complete solutions. You don’t need additional software running on your desktop system, and you don’t need a NAS or an external DAC. You don’t have to worry about backups or updates. Even technophobes are able to install the system themselves and start ripping on day 1,” Barish commented. All systems come with a comprehensive user manual written in English, and 3beez offers unlimited, free technical support to the original owner.

For users who need more than the standard 2TB of sound storage (and another 2TB for automatic backups), 3beez can provide custom configurations with up to 6TB of sound storage.

The Wax Box 4 system ships with the same custom Wax software that Andrew Quint said in his review for The Absolute Sound is “the easiest to learn.” Wax makes it easy to survey a collection for a desired recording and to distinguish multiple versions of the same work. Users can store as much metadata as they want for each recording, including members of a band or the cast of an opera.

Barish concluded, “The sound quality of the standard edition will please most listeners, and many of them will value an integrated power supply. The special edition is for audiophiles seeking the ne plus ultra in sound quality.”

Purchasing information
The Wax Box 4 Special Edition Music Management System is available immediately from the 3beez website (www.3beez.com) for $6000. The standard edition is $4900.

About 3beez, LLC
3beez, LLC, headquartered in Lafayette, Colorado develops innovative audio products for music lovers. The founder and president is Jeffrey Barish, a PhD engineer and entrepreneur responsible for several successful startups. Most recently, he was founder and president of EuPhonics, a software development company that licensed software for audio and music applications of computers to manufacturers in the semiconductor and computer industries.

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