3beez Announces the Wax Box 3 Music Management System

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3beez Announces the Wax Box 3 Music Management System

The following is a press release issued by 3beez.

Lafayette, Colorado, 30 June 2015 - 3beez, LLC (www.3beez.com), a company known for its innovative use of computer technology for home audio, announced the Wax Box 3 system, a new version of its Wax Music Management System for storing, cataloging, and playing music which won a 2015 Editors' Choice Award from The Absolute Sound. Wax Box 3 returns to the 1 TB storage capacity of the first Wax Box (sufficient for over 2600 CDs encoded in FLAC), but its case is even smaller. Wax Box 2 remains in the product line for audiophiles who require 3 TB of storage. Both products incorporate a new DAC for superior sound quality.

A Compact Component for Music Lovers Who Value Convenience
“Many music lovers value a small case”, said 3beez president, Jeffrey Barish. “A system with Wax Box 3, a small power amplifier, and loudspeakers can replace stacks of audio components and bookcases full of CDs.” Wax Box 3 integrates with an audio system almost as easily as a CD player and eliminates the compatibility concerns of multi-box solutions.

Despite its small size, Wax Box 3 still provides automatic backups to a second internal HDD. Users can connect an external ODD to a convenient USB port on the side of the case when they need to rip a CD.

The Wax Box 3 system ships with the same custom Wax software that Andrew Quint said in his review for The Absolute Sound is “the easiest to learn.” The unique features of Wax appeal to lovers of music in any genre, but especially to classical music lovers. Wax makes it easy to survey a collection for a desired recording and to distinguish multiple versions of the same work. Users can store as much metadata as they want for each recording, including members of a band or the cast of an opera.

“Wax is still easy to use”, said Barish, “but we have added several new features. Music lovers who purchase downloads will appreciate our support for liner notes, as they are often available with downloads. Auto completion makes it easier to enter metadata when necessary, especially when they have characters with diacritics, and it makes it easier to maintain consistency in spelling. Also, the Wax Box now supports streaming services such as Spotify and Tidal. And finally, we added support for DSD and multi-channel FLAC.”

The new Wax Box system is still completely silent, with fanless cooling and a cache for sound files in a solid-state drive. The sound drive spins only long enough to transfer the sound files to the cache.

Simple enough for technophobes, configurable enough for audiophiles
“Although we designed Wax Box 3 to appeal to music lovers who are more interested in music than technology,” Barish commented, “the system is still as configurable as Wax Box 2, with support for an external DAC, both analog and digital outputs with support for HD audio, and support for interaction through a tablet, smart phone, desktop system, or connected keyboard/mouse and monitor.” Barish concluded, “Audiophiles appreciate the Wax Box for its sound quality and configurability. We preserved those characteristics while shrinking the case to better suit music lovers who prefer their audio systems to be discrete.”

Purchasing information
The Wax Music Management System Box 3 is available immediately from the 3beez website (www.3beez.com) for $4600.

About 3beez, LLC
3beez, LLC, headquartered in Lafayette, Colorado develops innovative audio products for music lovers. The founder and president is Jeffrey Barish, a PhD engineer and entrepreneur responsible for several successful startups. Most recently, he was founder and president of EuPhonics, a software development company that licensed software for audio and music applications of computers to manufacturers in the semiconductor and computer industries.

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