33 Two-Channel Audio Discoveries from RMAF 2015

33 Two-Channel Audio Discoveries from RMAF 2015


The Polish high-end electronics firm Lampizator was well represented at RMAF, with a pair of its valve-powered monoblock amplifiers and one of the firm’s The Big 7 DSD DACs ($7,000 - $11,000, depending on configuration) on static display, but with a sample of the firm’s flagship Golden Gate DAC ($14,500 - $21,000 depending on the configuration).

Rather trying to describe the sound of the Lampizator Golden Gate, which is chockfull of sonic potential, let me encourage readers to wait for an upcoming Hi-Fi+ review of the Golden Gate, which should prove an entertaining and eye opening read.


The famous music server builder Lumin used its RMAF 2015 demo to focus attention on the firm’s most accessibly priced model: namely, the Lumin D1 streamer/renderer/DAC ($2,000). The D1 supports playback for PCM files to 32/384kHz resolutions as well as for DSD 64 file.

The D-1 was supported and enhanced through use of an outboard S-Booster power supply from the Netherlands (typical prices for add-on S-Booster power supplies ranges between about $400 - $440).


M2Tech showed its three-piece family of mini-components including the HiFace Evo Two 384/32 and DSD D-to-D converter ($650), the Evo Clock Two precision clock generator ($650), and the Evo Supply Two low noise power supply ($550).  Our readers from Germany might wish to note that, in the German market, these same components are marketed under the Manunta brand name.

Also on demonstration from M2Tech was exciting Joplin MkII analogue-to-digital converter ($1,700), which is capable of converting incoming analogue signal to digital files at resolutions up to 32/384kHz.