33 Two-Channel Audio Discoveries from RMAF 2015

33 Two-Channel Audio Discoveries from RMAF 2015


For RMAF, IsoTek took, as is their habit, a ‘systems’ approach to power conditioning in a demonstration that featured an Dr. Feickert Analogue Woodpecker turntable feed Primare electronics, which in turn drove a lovely set of Audio Physic Avanti loudspeakers. Serving as a foundation for the entire system were a coordinated set of four complementary IsoTek components:

  • The EVO3 Sigmas full-system mains conditioner ($4,500),
  • The EVO3 Titan power amplifier mains conditioner ($5,000),
  • The EVO3 Syncro SE DC block cable ($2,450), and
  • A number of EVO3 Optimum power cables ($995/each).

As mentioned above, the IsoTek elements most definitely helped the Audio Physic Avanti speakers put their best sonic foot forward.

Jeff Rowland Design Group

In a ‘pull-out-all-the-stops’ move, the Jeff Rowland Design Group took the opportunity at RMAF 2015 to introduce its spectacular new Daemon super-integrated amplifier to the US market (the amplifier had debuted earlier this year at Munich 2015). The Daemon offers over 20 user-definable inputs, including an accomplished optional MM/MC phono section, an optional HDMI module, an optional Wi-Fi Streaming module, an extensive set of balanced and single-ended analogue inputs, and an elaborate range of digital inputs. The Daemon can deliver a staggering 1,500 Wpc at 8 Ohms or 2,500 Wpc at 4 Ohms. The price is approximately $39,000, but can vary depending on options selected.

The Daemon sounded promising indeed in a demo system where the super amp was paired with a set of YG Acoustics Sonja 1.2 floorstanding loudspeakers.