2013 TAS Editors' Choice Awards: Integrated Amplifiers $1000-$2000

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Integrated amplifiers
2013 TAS Editors' Choice Awards: Integrated Amplifiers $1000-$2000

Peachtree Audio Nova
The versatile Nova can serve as an 80Wpc hybrid integrated amp, a tube preamp, a Class A tube headphone amp, or a solidstate USB DAC (based on the superb ESS Sabre DAC) with remote input-switching. The DAC section alone justifies the Nova’s price, making the other good stuff pure “gravy.”

PrimaLuna ProLogue One
The sweet and affordable ProLogue One features a 12AX7, 12AU7, and a pair of EL-34s per channel in a very simple circuit. In classic EL-34 style, the ProLogue throws a very wide and deep soundstage, and has a wonderful midrange.

Wyred 4 Sound mINT
Rated at 100Wpc, Wyred 4 Sound’s mINT (Mini-Integrated Amplifier) isn’t simply a Class D integrated; it also sports a built-in DAC with three digital inputs (USB, TosLink, and coax), a pair of analog inputs, and a dedicated headphone amp. The mINT has an easy, natural musicality, along with good pace and drive. Dynamic range is somewhat limited, as is ultimate volume, but the mINT is consistently able to draw you into the music, no matter the type.

Naim Nait 5i-2
One of the great bargains in high-end audio, this latest version of the Nait 5i brings more than a taste of expensive separates to a mid-priced integrated amplifier. The Nait is sweet without sounding rolledoff, presents a huge sense of space, tremendous separation of images, and, most importantly, sounds like music.

Simaudio Moon 250i
The entry-level Moon 250i (formerly the iL) is a fine example of why integrated amplifiers offer such superb value. Rated at a moderate 50Wpc, the 250i nevertheless delivers impressive large-scale dynamics, rhythmic liveliness, transient speed, and top-to-bottom balance. One of the purest-sounding integrated amps in its class.