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A question in theory rather than system specifics.

I have always been a replace/upgrade your weakest link kind of guy.  I also believe that synergy in a system is more important then having a collection of "all star" components.  I do however, also believe and have built my system by starting with an amazing source component first and work your way to your speakers.  I now have what I consider to be a system that may no longer have a weakest link.  As fulfilling as my system now is, the audiophile "what if" questions still fill my head:  My question:

In a system where your source and speakers are the ones that you plan to take to your grave, and you can only make one component upgrade to advancing a system closer toward the "absolute sound";  would you look to upgrade your amplifier or pre amplifier?  What do you believe each brings to a system?

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  • I would upgrade my preamp because I like looking at new buttons and lights :)

    As to which will have more effect, that depends on the quality of each.

    If you upgrade your preamp and don't hear any difference it may be time to try a different power amplifier. If you upgrade your power amplifier and don't hear any difference it may be your front end is not revealing enough.

    Circular logic anyone?

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