Tighten The Screws

This is not a question, rather it is a feedback item on something published by Robert Harley.

I had read on several occasions and in several different places where Mr. Harley advocated tightening the screws on the front of speakers. His assertion is that they can become loose and as such possibly degrade the sound. Last night, out of curiosity, I checked and to my amazement, almost every single mounting screw on my drivers could stand two to three turns. After completing this, and leaving the cloth grills off, I turned my system back on to find a welcomed sonic improvement. The center image was more sharply focused and I would swear the bass had improved. 

I wanted to thank Mr. Harley for a simple, easy, and certainly inexpensive tweak that does, in fact, work.


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  • As part of my usual maintenance I check screws on speaker drivers.

    Even on new speakers checking the screws is a good idea because shipping vibration and veneer shrinkage often results in loose screws.

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