Spare inputs on the back of a sa/cd player

I am using the two rca jacks and have left the xlr jacks open as I cannot connect that to my preamp

unless an xlr to rca jack cable exists or could be made.

My question are:

a) Would an xlr to rca cable sound better.  I am currently using an LFD interconnect.

b) Would covering the unused jackswith closed connectors  improve the sound much like doing so on a preamp to reduce RF leakage ?

Thank you ... Mark

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  • I have and use several cables that are RCA on one end and XLR on the other. They work fine, but the output level is the same as with the RCAs.

    As to whether the XLR would sound better or even different depends on other factors, such as whether you need the higher output of the XLR (when used balanced). With a convertor from XLR to RCA (either via a cable or a separate convertor) the output of the XLR will be the same level as the RCA in most cases, so there's no advantage in terms of added gain. 

    Covering INPUTS sometimes lowers noise - Covering (and/or SHORTING) outputs is a bad idea.

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