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I'm planning on having a dedicated 20 amp line run ror my power amp and would like to have a dedicated power conditioner for my power amp only. I've been looking for a single or double outlet power conditioner can you recomend any. I think running a power amp this way would help, any thoughts on this would be helpful. I don't have any high end audio stores with in 50-75 miles except a Best Buy and H H Gregg & those guys don't know much. Thanks.

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  • I like the "Shunyata" conditioners alot.  At this time "Music Direct" has the "Hydra Alpha 2/Venom HC" for $750.00 ( regular $1300.00 )!  What you get is a dedicated 2 outlet Hydra power conditioner with a Venom HC ( High Current  20A ) power cable which is required to plug the Hydra into your wall socket - I think for what you're looking for this would be ideal and MD delivers!  I've ordered from them in the past and have always had very good service.  I believe shipping is free in the US.

    Hope this helps. P.S. I'm planning on ordering one for myself.

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