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Current set up: J River MC 17>Mapleshade USB Plus cable>Kingrex uc384>Transparent Audio PDL>Lexicon RV8 (24/96). Playing 16/44.1 files outputs are: using asio4all bit depth is 32 and with wasapi event style bit depth is 24, sample rate same as input. Is there any benifit in running 32 bits to Kingrex with a 24bit DAC reciever?


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  • Probably not.

    The best option is to play files at their native rate. While some DACs may do internal upsampling, it's usually better to give them native files, even if they do upsample, since they have been designed to upsample 44.1 and 48k files. Your computer software may not do as good a job as a DAC's dedicated circuits. And there is NO advantage to upsampling via software if your hardware, somewhere down the line must downsample the files to use them.

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