"burn in"

I hear a lot about "burn in."  Being of a skeptical frame of mind, I know that unless a double blind study is done, no amount of subjective opinion will demonstrate that burn in is real.  There are so many ways of deceiving ourselves about subtleties of sound.  Does anyone know of ANY double blind studies?

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  • This is more of a "political statement" than a question.

    I humbly suggest if you want a double-blind study, you either perform one yourself or finance someone to do it for you.

    Then, you will "know"  since nothing else will suffice for you...

    • I'm always amused by "High End" audio reviewers who dismiss double blind tests. Do you really believe that if I were to substitute some well made power cords or obscenely priced inter connects in your system that you could tell the difference? Or if I replaced your interconnects with another pair that you had reviewed that you could describe the differences you hear the same as you did initially? I honestly doubt that you could. — DONALD75 January 31, 2013 12:15 p.m.

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