cheapest way to connect macbook to integrated amp

I have an old Cambridge Audio integrated amplifier (A300), a blu-ray/cd player, and paradigm bookshelf speakers.  I want to be able to play music from my macbook pro (and possibly an ipad, but the laptop is more important).  How do I do this, relatively inexpensively?  Is HRT's music streamer II a good solution?  Should I save my money and get a new integrated amp with a usb connection?

Thanks in advance, Jason

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  • If inexpensive is the first priority, you could look for a refurbed Apple Airport Express WiFi box. I recently got one for $40 that I use for either a WiFi music source (you can stream from your portable via WiFi to the Apple Express and use the Toslink form the Apple Express) or a WiFi extender. 

    You didn't mention whether your amp takes digital inputs. If not, you will need a DAC also, but with the Apple Airport you don't need a USB DAC.

    Another option is a Bluetooth dongle that would hook up to your digital inputs that would accept a Bluetooth stream from your Mac.

    A Music Streamer would also work, but will require a hard-wired connection - from USB to MS and then MS via  analog to your amp. 

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