USB to AES/EBU Digital Input

I have a Cary 306 SACD Pro that I've been using as a DAC for my computer music library.  Up to now I've connecting my Macbook Pro with a Toslink connection.  I understand that this is limited in bandwidth and want to start using a USB connection.  I've read that an AES/EBU input would be better than the coaxial digital input, however the Cary only has one AES/EBU digital input.  All the USB converters I've considered have both left and right AES/EBU outputs.  How would I connect the Cary AES/EBU to a USB converter?

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  • All you need is a USB to S/PDIF convertor. There's no reason to assume that AES EBU will be lower-jitter than S/PDIF. But if you need EAS/EBU, the Bel Canto Ref Link and Empirical Audio Off-Ramp 5 have both of these outputs as well as S/PDIF so you can choose which you prefer.

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  • The next to the last sentence should have read: "All the USB converters I've considered only have both left and right analog AES/EBU outputs."

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