Interconnects and speaker cable for kharma crm 3.2 fe


I read in a previous review by Wayne Garcia that the above speakers used to be his reference model. I have recently purchased  a pair  and would really appreciate some guidance on cables. I do not have unlimited funds unfortunately so Siltech and Kharma's own cables are is probably out of the equation.  

My source is a Resolution Audio Cantata from which I am running XLR direct to my Graaf GM 100 valve amp. As the Kharmas can be very revealing I am considering the combination of the Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval speaker cable and matching interconnect. I would very much welcome any advice.

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  • I free with the try before you buy philosophy that's what I did with Morrow Audio cables which are prominently advertised on Agon. I'm extremely pleased with their value. And you can listen for 60 days before deciding. If you want to keep them.

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  • The only and best way to determine what cables will be the most synergistic match is by listening. I would look for a retailer who will let you try before you buy. If no local dealers are available with this option, there's always "The Cable Company"  who have built their business on "try before you buy."

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