Wondering if I could get some advice.

I use three way speakers, homebrews based loosely Emerald Physics design. The bottoms consist of dual 15 inch EV's,  powered by Odyssey Audio Stratos monoblocks, the mids 12 inch Beyma coax powered by an Odyssey Khartago extreme, and the compression driver by whatever I have left over. All is controlled by digital crossovers. They sound, imho, quite good by every parameter.

My question regards power for the highs. I am interested in a low priced tube amp stable into the 16amp driver. The drivers need little power, and I have been thinking of something like an N3 Miniwatt. Do you have thoughts on this or some equally low priced tube amp for this purpose?

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  • Low-prices, reliable, low about a Dyna Stereo 70?

    They usually go for around $500 on the used market. Lots of mods available but some folks like the stock circuits with updated parts. With good tubes and parts a Dyna Stereo 70 can sound very nice indeed.

    • I have considered that, given their excellent reputation. Any problem going into 16ohms? — bigmun01 November 27, 2012 1:22 p.m.

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  • If I may, I initially fell for the bi (or in your case tri) wiring angle. But after some experimentation I found that what was causing the preceived improvment on bi-wiring was the jumper plate or cheaper bridge wire used when a single run of speaker cable was used.

    I have since modified my speakers so that there is only one binding post by soldering the all the speaker wires to one binding post. The sound quality was equivalent to bi-wiring.

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  • Sorry. I meant to say a 16 ohm driver.

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