USB hard drive connection and USB DAC connection

Last issue, in the computer audio section, you mentioned that if the computer that you are using as a media server gets the data from a USB connected hard drive and then decodes it on a USB connected DAC, the audio output will be compromised (sync issues).  Assuming the laptop does not have a Fire Wire connection, what is a typical solution to this issue?

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  • I did not work on this section, so those were not my opinions. Whether there are "Compromised synch issues" if you have multiple USB devices depends on the architecture of your computer. My MacPro has multiple USB busses, so this is not an issue. Sometimes I use the firewire for drives and USB for DACs, sometimes the reverse.

    If you use a Mac you can determine via "About This Mac" whether your USB devices are on separate busses.

    • I will check out the existence of multiple busses on my dedicated music server laptop. If I have a single bus (and no fire wire) would you suggest some sort of ethernet solution?
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