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Been an avid audiophile (analogue manly) for years, just decided to enter the hi-rez computer audio realm. First step of course to connect my desktop (iMac) to my DAC. There are two major considerations:

1. the connecting cable will be no less than 30 ft

2. the DAC provides AES/EBU (x1), coaxial (x2 RCA), i2s (RJ 45 connector) as inputs. No USB.

Given the above, what would be recommended as proper/best set-up and connection with such a long cable involved ?

Audirvana Plus will handle my iTunes library.

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  • No less than 30 feet is approaching the range where wireless makes sense.

    I would start by using a streaming device such as the Apple TV or Airport express. Both have Toslink. The Apple TV also has S/PDIF.

    A second approach would be a Mac Mini next to your DAC - use it a dedicated server - it can also see your other music libraries...

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