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In an almost unbelievable combination of stupidity, desire, and impatience, I've managed to remove the entire stylus and cantilever from my Clearaudio cartridge. What are my options? This is a well-loved and used cartridge, not under warranty.  I'll be over here breathing deeply while I await calm instructions......

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  • Thanks, had done just that, after a few other dead ends, and indeed, the Musical Surroundings folks have offered me hope even though my cartridge appears unrepairable (the removal of the cantilever apparently means my coils are done for, so to speak). I have to speak up for Musical Surroundings here, they really are making this manageable for me. Kudos also here to Audio Revelation in CA, who will serve as the dealer point of contact for me and have nursed me through the worst!  

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  • Contact Musical Surroundings. Garth and company are the importers of Clearaudio cartridges and should be able to replace your stylus/cantilever. 


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