Wifi to Quad???

Years ago (before marriage) I was a resolute audiophile, with Audio Research systems, etc. The industry moved to digital, I got married, and frankly, lost interest.

Still not ready to regain my expensive hobby, but I do have a 20 year old Quad system (electrostatics, amp, preamp, tuner) that I would like to get more out of. Recently was delighted by how my Taureg and wife's BMW played music via Bluetooth from my iPhone.

I wonder if there is a reasonably priced "box" that would sit on top of my preamp (never use the tuner - no antenna) and convert the Bluetooth/wifi music form my iPhones, iPads, and iMac and so play trough my Quad system?

Any guidance appreciated!

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  • One method would be an Apple TV. It will let you connect streaming sources to your system via WIFI.

    Another option would be the Sonos system. It's a closed WIFI system that allows you to add as many zones as you wish

    A third option would be Logitech's Touch device.

    One last option would be a Mac Mini. It could be a dedicated music server.

    In other words, you have a multitude of good options, differentiated by ergonomics.

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  • How about this:

    Denon DNP-720AE Network Audio Player
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    Here's one:


    Certainly not an "audiophile" solution but what do you want for 40 bucks?

    I have one and it works well to send music from my laptop to int. amp.

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