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Hey guys, are there no direct drive turntables worth mentioning any more. Just curious.


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  • Any one know about the Wave Kinetics NVS turntable???  It is a direct drive unit that costs about $40,000.00 without arm or cartridge!!!  I saw it at a show, but no one in the room had any info.

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  • I haven't used a direct-drive turntable in years, but there are still a number of very-high-end ones on the market, including the Gran Prix Audio Monaco and the latest, scare-as-hens-teeth Rockport. The big advantage of direct drives was speed (hence, pitch) stability. They were also much less likely to go out-of-whack than belt-drives, although both of these advantages have probably been narrowed in contemporary belt-drives via superior belt and motor technologies.

    Back in the day, the isolation from motor noise and vibration that the belt supposedly supplied was the big upside. Nowadays I'd imagine that direct-drives have much more sophisticated ways of avoiding (or at least greatly reducing) such things.

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  • Interesting.

    I'm aware of the motor noise issues, but not so much the centering and decoupling problems you mention.

    Has anyone had any experience with the new (recent) 100th Anniv. Denon DDTT?

    ps: It should be fairly obvious that I'm an old fart who grew up with DD and miss it sorely.

    Thanks for the reply, Steven.

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  • For me they haven't been worth mentioning for thirty years, but times change. Perhaps someone can develop a low noise direct-drive table, but the obvious issues have yet to be solved...how to eliminate motor noise and how to isolate the table. Of course there are also motor speed issues, LP centering, and arm de-coupling to cope with as well.

    I realize that some audiophiles really like direct drive tables, rim-drive tables, early Rabcos and of course the ubiquitous Technics direct drive tables. And for DJs the Technics are still king, but Ed Villchur's work on isolation and suspension still guide most modern TT makers...

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