Anyone know how to adjust the spring on a Rega RB300?

Rega RB300

I suspect something is wrong with the spring tension. When I attempt to balance the arm, with the weight knob on zero, there is an unwanted resistance. I pick the arm up as far as it will go- it stays a bit high and when I put it down as far as it will go- it stays a bit low, either way it does return part way back to center (It’s springy). The good thing is, with the weight set, its weight on my stylus balance scale is always consistent and the springy behavior disappears.  But with it behaving like it does, it’s impossible to dial in an accurate weight without a scale because it won’t balance freely. Also, while the weight on the stylus is correct, my concern is the spring tension may not be correct while it’s playing. With the Denon DL103 currently on it, I can set the knob to 2.5g and then adjust the counterweight so the cartridge weighs 2.5g on the scale. Now when I dial the knob to zero, instead of balancing, the arm is tilted  all the way up. It plays and tracks perfectly with no signs of misalignment or distortion.  I played it for a few days with the spring disabled (Knob all the way up past 3 to disengage the spring) but didn’t like it as well.

Having rewired it myself (I purchased it used, mounted on a Thorens TD2030 with the wire pulled out of the arm) with some very flexible Cardas copper wire I soldered straight from cartridge pins to a DIN connector that I put in the base or the arm with a separate ground wire that I soldered to a little pin I pressed into the head shell portion.), I was suspicious, I removed my wiring (I have never disassembled the arm) and it behaved the same without wire. As near as I can tell there is no resistance in the bearings either, they are smooth with no play. It seems to be the spring causing the troubles. The reason I suspect this behavior is abnormal are there have been several remarks in forums at how accurate the weight dial is on these.  Does anyone know how to adjust proper spring tension?  Maybe with the knob all the way up, a bit past 3, the spring should be just at the point to where it would start to wind up? Sorry for all the lengthy details necessary for a clear picture.

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