O.K. to have CDP/Amp on 24/7

As stated in R.H. books it takes hours if not days for components to reach their full potential. I am a true believer of this and was wondering if there was any reason I couldn’t just leave things on all the time. Aside from storms, being away, ect. Are there any consequences to leaving my equipment on all the time?

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  • Steven is correct that it's the turn on surge and temperature cycling that ages electronic components, not being continuously powered.

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  • Nope, except for a larger utilities bill, and the distant possibility that something might go wrong (such as your pet bunny rabbit chewing through an AC cord, electrocuting itself and setting your house on fire).

    Tubes running within their optimal operating parameters may actually last longer if left on - it's the turn-on surge that is most destructive to tubes. I once got 5x normal operating hours from a set of 8417 tubes in Quicksilver power amplifier by leaving them on continuously for over a year...

    • Does this go for solid state amplifiers as well?
      — zapco October 25, 2012 4:43 p.m.

    • Yes, there's no reason not to leave SS amps on, except it they are pure class A and you'd like to save $30 to $50 a month on your bill - then turn them off. — StevenStone October 27, 2012 4:12 p.m.

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