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I've got a pair of Usher Mini Dancer 2 speakers driven by a Rotel Amp - Model 1582 (200 watts X2) and a Rotel Preamp - Model RC=1580. I use either a Rotel CD Player (Model RCD-1520), an Oppo Universal Player or my VPI Scoutmaster turntable for vinyl. Speaker cables are MIT AVt 2 Bi-wire, MIT interconnects and Shunyata Venom 3 power cords. 

So here's my problem - the speakers sound good but not as good as I remember they were when auditioning them 2 years ago. I was thinking of trading up the amp and preamp. Anyone have suggestions on which electronics to consider? Any opinions on the Parasound Halo JC 2 Preamp and A21 Amp (250 watts X 2) as a solution to my dilema. Chris Martens, I seem to recall that you're familiar with the speakers, having reviewed them when they first came out. Perhaps you have some special insight.

Thanks for the help.


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  • Mike, A few years ago I heard the Usher Tiny Dancer BE-718 and loved them right away.  But I didn't want a subwoofer in my living room.  So I bought the Dancer Mini one Diamond DMD this year.  These speakers sound great and are not too big for the living room.  In Chris Martens review of the Mini two Diamond DMD loudspeaker he failed to mention the Mini one Diamond DMD loudspeaker.  I have not heard the original Mini Two speakers.

    I have been a long fan of Rotel.  In another system, I have a Rotel 1070 preamp.  But I changed my Rotel amp from the 1080 to a Proceed HPA-2.  In the living room system, I am using a Musical Fidelity A5.5 integrated with a Rotel 1055 changer and the Peachtree Audio Dac-it.  I am using Kimber PBJs and Kimber 8TC wire with the Ushers.

    I would recommend that you first change your amp to the Parasound you mentioned or some other higher end amp and connect one of the newer DAC to your Rotel CD player if you don't want to change your CD player.  I think you will hear a difference right away.



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  • Thanks, Fusbop. I appreciate your input.

    Have a happy holiday!

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