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Does anyone have any experience on the ART resonators manufactured by Synergistic Research. They are expensive but intriguing technically. I am using a combination of absorber and diffuser panels in my sound room. They improved the sound a bit and also eliminated echo, but I am also cognizant that the treatment by these panels does not yield an "optimal" sound, good but I think there is still much to be improved on. Some of my friends said  the panel route helps but the only meaningful solution is through room electronic equalization treatment with microphone measurement etc. (like that typically done for 6.1 surround sound speakers by Denon, Sony and Pioneer receivers). I am quite apprehensive of the electronic equalization route for audiophile 2 channel application and opted more towards room treatment route (resonators, tube traps, absorbers and diffuser). The ART ensemble by Synergistic Research, albeit expensive, seems intriguing. For my system, I am using Magnepan's  MG20.1 speakers and a pair of REL G2 subs. Could it be that the Synergistic ART system would behave/react differently with planar versus dynamic speakers?? Any advise on this is very much appreciated before I write a cheque to purchase the ART components. Thank you. EWKC     

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  • Dr. J, thank you for your advise. I like to ask a bit further to see if I could save a few $'s. Would a single Vibratron and its adjustable stand suffice without the satellite units. Could I get 90% of the benefits by just using the Vibratron ?? Please help me with this. Thanks. EWKC

    • Buddy, I don't know.

      I've only used the Vibratron as part of the ART system and since it is the most easily movable part (compared to the wall-mounted satellites) I've only heard the ART system without the Vibratron (rather than vice-versa). Working backwards, I would say that the Vibratron does play a signally (heh-heh) important role. You could try it all by its lonesome, I guess. — JonathanValin October 26, 2012 6:29 p.m.

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  • EWKC,

    For what it's worth, I've been using the Synergistic Research Acoustic ART system (in combination with Shakti Hallographs, ASC Tube Traps, and A/V Room Services Metu panels and traps) for several years with both planars and cones, and its effects seem to be the same with each type of speaker. Tonal balance and image/stage height, width, depth, and focus can be predictably changed by adjusting the height, location, and number of these devices. Because its elevation is easily set via the screw holes on its stand, the Vibratron is particularly useful for fine-tuning balance, imaging, and staging. I situate it exactly midway between loudspeakers, where (at the right height--and this varies with speaker height) it has a very strong and positive effect on timbre, bass quantity and quality, imaging, staging, and resolution.

    Be aware that no one type of acoustic treatment will solve all problems in all rooms, which is why I use a variety of these devices. Also be aware that strong room-resonance modes in the bass are extremely hard to eliminate via acoustical treatments, although they can definitely be ameliorated by trapping, damping, and diffusing.

    Although I consider the Synergistic Research ART system indispensable, I would recommend that you try it out, if this is possible, before buying it--just to make sure that it fits your needs and your room. (And I would not hesitate to augment it--as I, in fact, do--with other kind of acoustical treatments, such as the ones I mentioned above, and those you may already own.)

    As for active DSP, I share your reservations. 


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