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I have an ongoing an ongoing system noise problem that appears to coming from dimmer switches on the main flower of our house.

When I shut off all of the lights or turn the dimmers down to almost no light, the system noise disappears.  Through my investigations I have been told that there are some HIGH END dimmers available that will not give off any kind of sonic interference.  I checked with a number of retail and wholesale electrical outlets but none of them can recommend dimmers that are specific to my problem

I would be most grateful if someone could point me in the right direction,  perhaps a brand or model number that would help control the problem.

Thanks !

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  • I do have both a dedicated line and a power conditioner. I am hoping that someone has had this problem and can recommend a noise free dimmer.


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  • Do you already have the following in place:

    1. A dedicated line for your audio system.
    2. Power conditioner that your audio components are plugged in to.

    These might be more accessible solutions to your issue.

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